Gas Fires

Settle in front of the hearth and you'll soon be fascinated by the flame picture that dances from the glowing, flickering bed of handcrafted ceramic coals, remarkably evocative of the real thing.

The warmth they radiate is equally welcoming – as much as 4.5kW of adjustable heat. That's enough to make the room cosy from corner to corner. So you can save on central heating and enjoy up to 89% efficiency.

Browse through the pages, and you'll agree that the designs achieve true Elgin & Hall elegance and simplicity. Your choice will always reflect your tastes, even if they shift between traditional and modern over time.

Inset Gas Fire
Catalina Gas Fireplace Radion Gas Fireplace Cobalt Gas Fireplace Indigo Gas Fireplace Utopia Gas Fireplace Chollerton Gas Fireplace Invictor Gas Fireplace
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