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Internet Policy

Showroom Only Products

Elgin & Hall products are only sold through retail showrooms. We are passionate about our brand and believe the showroom is the only place for our products; a place they can be fully appreciated and a place that reflects the quality and admirable reputation of Elgin & Hall.

Personal Service

Elgin & Hall know all about excellent customer service and we recognise the importance of a showroom as the perfect environment to deliver face to face professional advice.

Seeing is Believing

Investing in a new fireplace is a carefully considered investment. You need to be able to see and touch the product to appreciate the value and impression it will make in your home.

We realise that buying simple electronic equipment is an ideal online purchase but an Elgin & Hall fireplace deserves and requires so much more! The retail showroom is the place to choose and buy the perfect Elgin & Hall fireplace.

To find your nearest Elgin & Hall showroom click HERE