Gas Fireplaces

Nothing beats the welcome of a gas fireplace. They come alive at a touch of the slide control. Then you can settle down and lose yourself in the ever changing picture of real flames dancing from the glowing bed of log crafted from ceramic fibre for an authentic look.

The warmth from our gas fireplaces is equally welcoming – enjoy as much as 5kW of adjustable heat and up to 83% fuel efficiency. Because they are glass-fronted, they radiate heat and at the same time draw warm air in at the base and re-heat it to flow out into the room from slim vents at the top of the fire.

Kingsley Electric Fireplace
Mariella Gas Fireplace Orieta Gas Fireplace
Caring for your Fireplace

Our range of fireplaces has been designed to provide you with a clean and efficient heat source and provide years of safe, hassle free operation

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ensure your fireplace provides you with maximum enjoyment all year round.

Why Choose an electric fireplace