Benefits of Electric

Whether you are replacing a gas or coal fire or installing a natural focus to your room with no existing fireplace, choosing electric has a range of benefits.

Easy Installation

Electric fires and fireplaces are Incredibly easy to install in a matter of minutes as they don’t require a chimney, flue or any building work; just plug in and switch on!

Flame Effect Only

With an electric fire you don’t need to generate heat to enjoy its comforting glow. The LED flame effect only control option lets you experience it any time of the day or year.


Enjoy the convenience of efficient, instantly controllable heat and clean, maintenance-free living. Working independently of your heating system means you can enjoy the ambient flame effect all year round without the need for the heat. By itself the LED only effect consumes between just 9 & 13 watts of energy. Brilliant!

Simple Operation

An Elgin & Hall inset electric fire or complete fireplace should be effortless to operate. Heat and flame effect are instantly available at the flick of a switch and many come complete with a remote control to put different levels of heat, light and flame at your fingertips. When your room has reach a comfortable temperature, the thermostat technology will constantly measure the temperature and adjust the heating accordingly.

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