From beauty, to designer catwalks and interiors, the colour grey has been a prominent trend over the last few years, and looks set to continue that initial momentum throughout 2017.

Once considered dull, cold and dreary, the colour grey is now considered elegant, classic, clean and chic. Accepted as the new neutral, the colour palette options are endless, from delicate dove greys, to slate and battleship shades. What makes this quietly confident hue so desirable is the unique ability to sit comfortably with a range of current interior trends. Grey will make itself heard without dominating a room, therefore opening up a vast array of options when it comes to your living space – the perfect flexible addition.

Launched at the beginning of 2016, Elgin & Hall have introduced a new grey micro marble into the luxurious marble surround collection. The stylish new finish is available with the Odella surround, or Inglenook, the Aurelia, Roesia and the Vitalia micro marble surround. It is also available in the Amorina, Lorento and Tempera Electric Suites.

This stunning soft grey makes a dramatic impact when paired with a complimentary gas or electric inset fire. This is illustrated beautifully above with the Odella micro marble surround in grey, teamed with the Elgin & Hall Invictor balanced flue gas fire, with Exclusive Chrome trim. Here, this harmonious, warm interior colour palette combines soft comforting grey tones with an earthy putty grey back drop. Dark graphite has been introduced as a contrast with a sumptuous patterned rug and surrounding soft furnishings.

Contrasting Colour Pop

If you are looking for something ultra modern and punchy, why not opt for citrus lime green or orange accent colours with accessories such as vases and scatter cushions. A sophisticated teal blue will bring a cool, elegant and chic ambiance. All of these options will bring an instant colour pop contrast which will look stunning against both light and dark grey surroundings.

The possibilities are endless with this clever, flexible colour. We don’t think the colour grey will be going out of fashion any time soon…it’s here to stay.

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