Micro Marble Gas Fireplaces

Pre-Cast or Standard flue solutions

We have engineered a way to fit our highly desirable Elsie 900 & 950 gas fires into the standard 16 x 22” opening in a UK chimney breast or pre-cast flue, with no building work.
Our hotly anticipated Calleos 600CF & 800CF gas fires have been perfectly paired with unique Elgin & Hall micro marble designs, this creating the ultimate complete gas fireplace. With its market leading dual gas burner, the Calleos puts Elgin & Hall & step ahead of the market.

Conventional Flue
If your home has a traditional chimney - identified by the brick stack and pot on your roof and a chimney breast in your room, the Mariella, Vamella or Vitalia is the choice for you. Your installer will be able to simply place these fireplaces into the existing opening and your chimney does the rest. No building work required!

Pre-cast Flue
Many homes built from 1960 onwards have a pre-cast flue - much narrower than a traditional chimney, usually identified by a ridge vent or a metal flue pipe on the roof. Ordinarily only slimline fires would fit this flue, however now you can choose to install an Orieta. Again, no structural work needed.