We love the summer and those long, warm, lazy summer nights. There is nothing better than enjoying the prolonged, hazy daylight with your loved ones. Whether it’s a garden party, eating alfresco with a mouth-watering BBQ, or sinking into the comfort of garden furniture with a cool glass of wine, us Brits are great at making the most of the sun. A persistent fear of rain replacing the sunshine and a notorious history of short summers, ensures that we savour every sun drenched second.]

So the summer has officially arrived! The short dark nights are now long and light. The face numbing cold temperatures have been replaced by skin tingling warmth and the perfume of freshly cut grass. Woolly jumpers are pushed to the back of the drawer and the fireplace is switched off…right? The thought of gathering around a fireplace on a humid summer evening is probably the furthest thought from your mind, but should it be?

As proud, British manufacturers of fires and fireplaces, Elgin & Hall believe that you should be able to enjoy the comfort of relaxing flames at any time of the year and with our stunning electric fireplace collection, you can do just that.

The beauty of an Elgin & Hall electric fireplace is the luxury of enjoying the stunning, flickering flame performance, both with or without heat. Our flame-effect-only setting gives the impression of radiant logs and smouldering embers with a realism that will impress every guest.

Perfect for the warmer nights, this convenient feature brings a choice of three flame levels, without the added heat. For added drama, the latest LED technology produces a play of red, orange and yellow tones with hints of blue that is guaranteed to draw the eye. What’s more, there is no chimney or recess required with your electric fireplace. It’s just a question of simply plugging it in…and letting the magic begin.

As summer turns to autumn and the colder nights creep in you can rest assured that the 2kW performance will provide instant heat when you arrive home, as well as supplementing central heating and allowing you to heat just one room when the weather starts to cool. So as the long summer nights draw to a close, the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to crunch under foot, your Elgin & Hall electric fire will glow all year round.