It’s that time of year when pumpkins need to be carved and costumes need to be created. The Halloween holidays are fast approaching and with so much to do we thought we would share some of our favourite spook -tacular decoration ideas for the fireplace. We hope you find them frighteningly inspirational…


A stunning Elgin & Hall white micro marble surround provides the perfect canvas for a Halloween display. Nothing looks more striking than the contrast of black on white.  Some black candle sticks or a candelabra teamed with black cobwebs or draped black lace would give any Elgin & Hall surround a Gothic twist, petrifyingly perfect for the spooky season. Add extra drama by cluttering your mantel top or hearth with old dusty books, small bird cages, lanterns, an old china doll, black crow and skull ornaments. Wax LED candles clustered in varying heights will look stunning when the lights go down. Use old books to elevate the candles to different heights if necessary. What’s more, no need to dust!


Picture frames are an easy and cost effective way to dress your mantel top. Choose a variety of frame shapes, styles and sizes to be displayed across your mantel top or to hang above your fireplace to create your very own ghoulish gallery. Surf the web for the most creepy, black and white portraits, (there are a vast selection available online), and print them off. Clip them into your frames and display in a clustered, haphazard manor. Don’t worry if your frames are crooked or off centre, Halloween is the one time we don’t need to be neat. Don’t forget to highlight to your family and friends how the eyes of the people in the portraits follow you around the room, wherever you go!  Spooky!


If minimalism is your thing you can still get in the spirit with some stylish modern creepy additions to your fireplace. We love vintage printing blocks which can be used to spell spooky messages across your mantel top. Various sized pumpkins painted in complimentary or matching colours to your decor can look stunning stacked either side of your fireplace or alternatively displayed across your mantel top. We like a cluster of three small pumpkins painted white each with a black letter spelling out the word ‘Boo!’ A single canvas resting on your mantel top with a skull print will also make a great statement piece.


Would you like to get longevity out of your Halloween decorations?

Halloween decorations don’t always need to be ghastly and ghoulish and should never be limited to a colour palette of orange and black. The autumn presents us with the most beautiful harmonious hues, all of which can be incorporated into your decorations. Why not introduce autumnal rich plums, ambers, golds, creams and bronze shades. This is best implemented by bringing the outside in – get the kids to collect a selection of acorns, conkers and leaves and task them with painting the odd acorn with a luxurious gold paint. They will look stunning piled into a glass vase or bowl and displayed on your hearth.

Dried flowers are available in all of the above stunning autumnal shades and can be manipulated into a wreath or alternatively positioned across your mantel top, interrupted only with scattered golden tea lights. Dress with a few cob webs for maximum effect.

We particularly love Chinese Lantern flowers, also known as Physalis. The flowers look like miniature pumpkins and would make a stunning flower display.