Get in the mood!

Completely re-decorating a room in your home can be so exciting, endless ideas fill your head as you begin to imagine your interior masterpiece. Especially when you are embarking on a bigger project, it is best to organise all of your ideas before you begin. Recommended by interior designers, a mood board can be the best way to gather up all of your inspiration and put together a plan for your design adventure.

Start From Scratch

Before you start, collect all of your materials, like paint and fabric swatches which can be obtained from hardware and interior home stores. Online searches will bring up wonderful inspirational images that you could print out or you could cut ideas from the pages of home magazines. You may also choose to add random items; food wrappers because you like the reflective side, a vintage earring that you want to draw inspiration from, absolutely anything goes as long as you can attach it to your board, which is best made on a large piece of card or paper.

Lay it all Out

Looking at the blank canvas can be looming, so begin by first establishing your base colour, as this will set the tone for your whole board. You will probably already have a colour in mind from browsing magazines and hunting online, but if not then feel free to try out a range on your board – it’s here to help you decide.

A good next step is to examine which patterns and fabrics complement each other well by placing them on your mood board with your base colours. Remember, contrasting patterns, especially geometric are very on trend. Use your mood board to try out different ideas.

Be Mindful 

Putting together a mood board can be so exciting; your ideas are bound to be flowing! But remember, the room that you are decorating will already have some natural accents; wooden furniture like sideboards, skirting boards etc. All of these must be considered in the design process. Factor them in by taking pictures of them (or finding images online) so that you can be sure that they will work in harmony with all of your fabulous ideas!

If you currently have a fireplace installed then you will need to consider that as the focal point to your room. Our Elgin and Hall fireplaces and surrounds are beautifully modern and wonderfully adaptable, designed in neutral colours to blend in with any interior whilst simultaneously enhancing the value and appearance of the entire room.

If you are considering adding a fireplace and or surround to your home, we have a range to choose from in gas, electric and inset gas or electric as well as Marble and Limestone surrounds, our designs have an elegance and simplicity that compliment your tastes in furnishings, fabric and décor.


Finishing Touches


Your mood board is there to help you, and although you may have added all of your swatches, colour ideas and natural accents, remember that you are still free to experiment! If you have seen any room accessories in magazines or online; cushions, ornaments, lampshades etc. then add them in to see how they look.

Use your Inspiration 

Whether it is neat or messy, packed up or minimalistic, your mood board will help you stay organised and inspired on your interior design adventure. Once you are happy with it, you can take your colourful companion with you as you shop, or to save space, take a photograph to refer back to. Interior design can lead you down all kinds of paths, so when you get stuck simply use your mood board to keep you on track.