An array of wallpaper samples, paint tester pots, fabrics, texture combinations and complimentary accessories: all of the above are generally at the forefront of our minds when it comes to re- vamping or decorating a room. Like a child in a sweet shop, who can be blamed for becoming swept away in a delightful whirlwind of exciting new interior design options and possibilities. However, one vital component with the most overall impact is so often overlooked – Lighting.

The lighting in a room will determine the overall look, mood, feel and functionality of your living space. It can even affect how often the room will be used. Therefore, it is so important to consider the placement as well as the choice of lighting in the initial stages of your room decoration journey.

Why work with or around existing lighting if it isn’t creating the look you desire? Good lighting can have a staggering effect on an overall design. In order to fully understand the versatility and range of options available, it’s worth exploring the following three core categories: Ambiance Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. Get these three layers right and you will achieve the perfect lighting balance.


Ambiance lighting sets the tone. Acting as a base coat, it is generally the strongest, most durable and reliable source of light. This dominant distribution of light will flood the majority of your room, predominantly to allow you to manoeuvre safely throughout.

You can achieve this comfortable level of brightness through a variety of lighting options such as pendant lighting, wall mounted lighting, spots or down lights. In the room above we have opted for a chandelier adding to the decadent, classic design, which has been reflected in the accompanying furnishings and colour palette.


Task lighting puts life into a living space. It’s the light that makes your room function for all the family. It’s the light that makes the family gather together.

This functional lighting allows us to complete everyday tasks as and when we need to, such as reading, working on crafts and hobbies or playing board games. Although more practical than decorative, this localised source of light can be achieved with smaller fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights.

However, practical and functional doesn’t mean boring. Swing arm lighting is an on trend choice as shown above with a contemporary Chrome shade fitting which has been reflected in the Chrome trim finish of the stunning Elgin & Hall Chollerton electric inset gas fire.


This is where the fun begins. Accent lighting intensifies a mood. From a relaxing night in, to a party atmosphere or to inspire romance, Accent lighting comes into its own. Think groups of candles casting warm pools of light, a base lit sculpture or fairy lights swirled around long twigs arranged in a striking vase.

Humans by nature are drawn to light, like a moth to a flame. Accent lighting can be used to do just that by leading the eye to that winning piece of furniture, creating an instant focal point by adding depth and drama.

This is illustrated beautifully with Elgin & Hall Smartsense lighting. This aesthetically pleasing yet energy efficient lighting feature is available across the entire luxurious micro marble and Limestone collection.

By simply brushing your hand delicately across your surround, you will trigger a sensor which activates the Smartsense lighting. Discretely concealed in the top recess, this clever feature will instantly bath your surround in soothing light. Exquisite hand finished craftsmanship, such as a Tudor Arch or double profile detailing will become showcased by two gentle beams of light. Your eye will subsequently become drawn into the dancing, flickering flames encased beneath in the complimenting inset fire – the beating heart of the home.

Approach layered lighting with the same passion as your wallpaper selection and you can’t go wrong. Think of it initially rather than an afterthought and you will reap the rewards.

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