Bright, bold and vibrant, or neutral, understated and elegant; creating a feature wall is a fantastic way to re-vamp your home. This simple, yet cost effective technique is also a great tool to help draw the eye to that winning fireplace.

But where to start?


Possibly the most cost effective way to create impact with your feature wall is to use wallpaper. This works particularly well on a single, central chimney breast as well as a full feature wall. What’s more, focusing on one small area means that you don’t have to splash out on wallpaper for your entire room – a couple of rolls should do the job.

The choice of wallpapers can be quite overwhelming, but by choosing the right design you can completely re-invent your room. Traditional floral designs can look incredibly stylish and elegant, but don’t rule out some of the more striking wallpaper designs which are currently available in most high street DIY store


Why not bring the outside in with an urban, exposed brick or slate wallpaper design. The illusion of texture on these incredibly realistic designs can add both depth and drama to your room.

A touch of timber can add warmth, especially when accompanied by a live display. The warm amber tones in the timber print wallpaper will beautifully compliment the dancing golden flames displayed beneath.

Don’t rule out florals! Traditional, embossed floral wallpaper can look timeless, rich, and luxurious and can add dimension. These papers are also fabulous if your walls are not perfectly smooth.

Want to go bold? Why not experiment with some of the quirkier wallpaper designs such as a vintage chair design, a clock design or how about a world map! You could even go one step further and look into a bespoke wallpaper design relevant to your area. It is however worth considering that some bolder wallpaper prints can be tricky to match up with the large pattern repeat, when applying them to your walls.


Using bold block colour is another effective way to add the wow factor to your room.

If you are using bold wallpaper or a vibrant block colour on your feature wall, it’s generally best to accompany it with softer neutral shades. After all, your feature wall is the star of the room and you don’t want the rest of your room fighting for attention. It is also worth considering that excessive dark colours can make a room look smaller whilst lighter shades can create a sense of space.


A colour wheel or paint swatch cards are fantastic for complimentary colour inspiration. Your colour swatches will help you to differentiate between warm and cool hues and will keep you on a harmonious track. Select various softer tones and shades of your key feature colour to create your very own colour palette. By all means bring in other colours, but working with colours which are from the same family which are a shade or two different from each other, will ensure harmony. Buying tester pots as well as pulling together a mood board can be a huge help when it comes to decision making.

To ensure solid colour coverage, apply two to three coats of paint over your base coat.


Once your walls are complete, the accessorising can begin! Accessorising is easy if you stick to a particular colour and theme. Your accessory accent colour could be a complete contrast or complimentary. Reflective metallics are usually a safe bet and are ideal for complimenting inset fire trims. Choose from the warmth of coppers, golds and bronzes or select silvers and pewters for a cooler colour palette. A selection of scattered tea lights, vases, candle sticks, framed mirrors or picture frames will add the finishing flourish to your show room, inviting the consumer directly into the comfort of their dream living space.