The trends of interior design are ever changing. This season has seen anything from bright colours and mixed patterns to faux finishes and rose gold accents. We all want our homes to look great and reflect our attention to detail and knowledge of style, but with the landscape constantly transforming, it can be hard to keep up and even more difficult can be the expense.


Sometimes changing the look of your living room can be as simple as swapping those beige pillows for bright multi-coloured ones, a throw can transform any sofa and changing the look of your walls is as simple as replacing your old canvas for a shiny new mirror. Accessories are of course interchangeable, but there is one addition that can be more costly and takes a bit more planning – your fireplace!



Your fireplace is the complete focal point of your living room, and it‘s biggest accessory. Think of it as the handbag you take with your best outfit, or the tie you proudly fasten on to your finest suit. Now, we’re not saying buy a new tie for every suit, or suggesting you replace your fireplace whenever you change up your living room – you need to choose a fireplace that is timeless and versatile, making a statement whilst remaining elegant.

How? Simple. Elgin & Hall designs have an elegance and simplicity that compliment your tastes in furnishing, fabric and décor – no matter which new trends erupt or how fashion or personal preference changes with time. If you’re looking for the perfect fireplace, versatile yet strong and durable, the micro marble range is your dream come true!




The Independent has named marble as one of “Interior design’s next 6 biggest trends”*, but can you say that Marble’s reign will ever end? Since Greek times, when marble was used to create the finest statues, marble has emanated sophistication and luxury, a symbol of refined taste. Marble is the perfect centrepiece to any room and because of their smooth surface and adaptable colour, our Micro Marble surrounds provide the perfect stage for any interior design trend you wish to convey.

Small pieces of real marble are crushed and reconstituted to give an authentic finish. This durable stone has a beautifully variegated surface. To make sure your fire surround and room are in perfect agreement, you can choose from 4 finishes, each with its distinctive tone – Manila, Pearl Stone, Grey and White.



Many models give you a deeper recess to house Smartsense lighting and a choice of widths up to an expansive 54”. You can further accentuate the changes with the shape of the hearth – standard lipped, five-sided, bullnose or bevelled, all of which make your Elgin & Hall surround even more special.

As interior design continues to change, ensure that your living room, the most used space in your home, stays a canvas for all of your design inspiration and needs, whilst making the statement you crave with a stunningly simple micro marble fireplace, providing warmth and style for years to come.

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