As the cold winter months draw near we can’t help but think of gathering around a fire with family and friends. Fireplaces make a great centrepiece and not just in the living room; they are beginning to make appearances in dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms as family behaviours change.

It’s fairly typical that when starting to look for a fireplace for your home, you’re not entirely sure what to choose; do you go for marble or timber? Surround or complete fireplace? Sometimes it may seem that the options are endless.

Choosing the perfect fireplace for your home is key to ensuring it enhances the room rather than stand out like a sore thumb. First you’ll have to decide what type of fireplace is right for you and your family. Is it a source of main heat or will it be used for decorative reasons? Do you prefer gas or electric?

Fireplace design can vary from traditional ornate micro marble surround to provide an elegant contrast or a clean, contemporary, all-in-one electric fireplace. Whatever your taste, Elgin & Hall have a style to suit all.

It’s important to consider the installation of the fireplace; electric fireplaces usually come as a one box product, ready to switch on and give instant heat, whereas with a marble surround and inset fire the amount of work involved depends on how much remedial work is required prior to fitting.

Both electric and gas are incredibly easy to use, simply flip a switch to feel the instant heat. Although both fuels provide fairly instant heat, the flame effect of an electric fireplace will be more of a mirage using ribbons and LED lights, whereas with gas you get to see something actually burning. Electric is typically the low cost choice, however whilst the cost to install a gas fireplace may be more costly upfront, the efficiency can sometimes outweigh the cost for heat in the long run.

There are many varying factors to consider when choosing your fireplace and nothing beats seeing them in person to get a real feel for what suits your needs. You can view a wide range of Elgin & Hall fireplaces in our retailers’ showrooms –
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