Your guide to 2021 interior design trends

As we’ve all adapted to a new normal, we’re spending more time in the home; re-evaluating our needs of comfort vs style. We’ve reviewed some of the key trends coming through in 2021.

Pantone of the Year

PANTONE announced its colours of the year as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – two very opposing colours that seem to work in harmony when paired together.

PANTONE describes the combination of these two colours as sharing a story of strength and positivity – that things are going to get brighter.

To incorporate this same feeling into your living space, consider using Ultimate Gray on the walls to and create unity in the space by using Illuminating as a pop of bright colour on soft furnishings. Marrying the two colours in this way helps to amplify the union of the two Pantone Colours of the Year without either one outbalancing the other.

We’ve combined Gray and Yellow in our Mosello roomset to incorporate a hue of colour which contrasts against the darker walls.

Mosello Micro Marble Surround

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave and want to embrace these Pantones to their fullest, use them on dividing wall spaces for immediate contrast and harmony all in one interior space.


Textures are back on trend, with tactile surfaces now all the rage. Upcycled drawers with decorative fronts, plus grooved storage pieces are all infiltrating our homes, with slats, and fluted finishes. Bring a touch of texture into the room with a subtle wallpaper; our Timara with inset Beacon electric stove works well in a textured room.

Decorative Woodwork

The 2020 wall panelling trend was a huge hit, and it looks as though it’s here to stay. Panelling a room not only helps to add character, but also assists particularly in newer properties to evoke a sense of history.

Vistus Pryzm Electric Fireplace

Go Green

Green has often been a favourite colour in the home, and it’s not going anywhere for 2021. This includes using indoor plants to make home environments more calming, to opting for eco-friendly designs.

To do your bit for the environment, it’s a good opportunity to update your fireplace and make your interior a little greener.

Tech Trends

While we’re talking about home comforts, one trend sure to be on the mind of many is improving the tech in our homes – and you don’t need to compromise on your fire, either.

The Camino and Caselli, in our Pryzm range come complete with Led moodlighting situated under the plinth and can be controlled using our downloadable App on your smart phone or tablet. You can also talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, using voice commands to change the colour and brightness to your preferred setting.

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